Mince Master? History

The Mince Master? story started in 1956 when Bill Young, a salesman for The Griffith Laboratories, Inc., went to visit his mother in Germany.? Mr. Young was instructed by Mr. C. L. Griffith to visit various sausage makers in German to observe any new sausage making techniques and to report back his findings.? Bill followed Mr. Griffith's instructions and discovered the machine that would later become the Mince Master?.? The machine was being produced by the Karl Schnell Company located in a small town near Stuttgart, Germany.

Bill Young and Mr. Griffith made a subsequent trip to Germany to visit Karl Schnell and negotiate a half ownership in the patents required to produce the machine.? Griffith Laboratories was now in a position to sell Mince Master? machines for the North American marketplace.

In 1958, a competing machine came into the North American marketplace utilizing Mince Master? know-how and a patent infringement suit was initiated by Griffith Laboratories.? The case came to trial in March, 1963 and the U.S District Court in Chicago ruled in favor of Griffith Laboratories.? The manufacturer of the infringing machine appealed to the U.S Appellate Court.? The Appellate Court affirmed the finding of the lower court.? Not satisfied, the opposition appealed to the U.S Supreme Court, which in March, 1966, refused to hear the case.? This refusal was petitioned and again, in April, 1966, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case.

Initially, the Mince Master? machines were imported complete from Germany.? Starting with the main motor, components and parts were gradually being sourced in America. Over a fifteen year period, all parts were machinined in America..

Griffith Laboratories decided to exit the emulsifier business to concentrate on core business, and in 1995, the Mince Master? brand was born.

While the Mince Master? was originally designed as a machine to produce emulsions for sausages, bologna and hot dogs, it has found many other uses in the food industry including use in pet foods, gravies, condiments, juices, etc.



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